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Custom Pet Portraits
Custom Pet Portraits
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Custom Pet Portraits

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Basic Information:


I am taking commissions May-August 2022. Due to increased holiday workload I do not do commissions Sept 2022-Jan 2023


My two biggest passions in life are animals and painting. I know the love pet parents have for their pets (we have a house full and love them all dearly!) I have completed over 1,000 pet paintings, and love every one I do!

I am a formally trained artist with a fine art degree. I am also a published artist. Canvas prints of my work can be found in many large online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

These custom portraits are hand painted using acrylic paint on canvas. Smaller sizes are 7/8” deep, larger sizes are 1.5” deep. It will be painted around the edges. Museum quality materials are used.


**I currently only offer headshot style paintings of one pet. I have found you get more for your money and it gives me the opportunity to really focus in on your pet and capture their personality. 


Detailed Style Info:

This is my more realistic pet painting option. I pay close attention to detail, a high resolution photo is important!


Expressive Style:

Large loose strokes will be used and shades and highlights will be emphasized. This is a more fun, colorful ‘painterly style’.


Completion Time:

Completion time for these portraits can take 4-6 weeks. Contact me prior to ordering for an expected completion date based on workload.



- Photograph from the pet’s eye level or below. Photos of the pet sitting with the camera at pet’s eye level work best. Photos standing over the pet typically do not work well for paintings.

- Focus on the pet’s face, especially the eyes. 

- NO FLASH; photos in natural light make the best paintings.

- Make sure you have a good resolution photos (zoom in after taking the photo and make sure the photo doesn't pixelate). If you are interested in the detailed style, lighting and resolution are extremely important.

- Keep in mind I go nearly exactly by your photo for your pet's expression, posture, etc.. so make sure your photo represents the 'look' you would like for your painting. Thanks!


 ***After placing your order, please send photographs of your pet to the email hello@hippiehoundstudios.com along with your order number***